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Helen Robbins | Deep in the Dark, Dark Forest

Deep in the Dark, Dark Forest

Opening 6th October at 4pm 

(all welcome) 

Exhibition ends 1st November 

The forest evokes a deep sense of mystery. Its alchemical process creates constant, dynamic change. It contains metaphors for our deeply personal narratives. Its destruction can be seen as a metaphor for the loss of our connection with these aspects of ourselves. My work reflects my solitary wanderings in this unpredictable environment; my own experience of its multi-layered meaning. There is uncertainty about what lies beyond. There is no obvious way forward. A profound sense of loss has grown in me while engaging in this work as natural forests continue to be destroyed. My focus is shifting towards the future, to my unborn great granddaughter. I feel a deep sadness when I think of her. I want to give her back her wild forests. Their centrality in the future of her generation can no longer be ignored.

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